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This portfolio is seldom updated as most of my
recent work has been done as an Interaction Designer at IDEO.


I have always found fascinating that words such as Moon and Sun, have different gender in different languages.

I found a set of nouns in different languages with their correspondent gender. Below you find some initial experiments.

…most german words that starts with either "er-" or "en-" are of female gender

similarly most words that start with "ge-"are of neutral gender
Small series of illustration for "Style", the monthly lifestyle magazine sold together with the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The Illustrations depict 10 advices to reach happiness.

While working at the DensityDesign Research Lab we developed, together with the 2015 Milan World EXPO commitee, a visualization that communicates the complexity of the the Expo theme, "Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

The map is featured in the exhibit, ‘1906-2015: verso l’Expo di Milano‘ For the full explanation continue reading here

Within the conceptual framework of the cartography of controversies, an analysis of Wikipedia’s talk page helps to shed light on the structure of such issues. Analyzing the way in which different authors relate to each other within a discussion, the various roles that exist in such a conversation, and the evolution of controversy, gives us additional information on how the discourse develops in the general, non-digital panorama of the controversy.We are currently developing a tool that, by visualizing data gathered from the Wikipedia’s talk pages, will help us to understand the relational dynamics that exist beneath the surface of a controversy

The project was a collaboration between Density Design and AIR Lab, and will be part of my master thesis.

Along with the other members of the collective, whiterabbitwaslost we developed an interactive map for the Corriere della Sera, a major Italian newspaper. The aim of the map was to visualize the cross-continental journey of renowned journalist Beppe Severgnini as he made his way by train from Moscow to Lisbon.

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